Saturday, November 23, 2013


I had to post one of my CHristmas mini sessions from this year that are taking place at the Sycamore SPrings  Christmas Tree Farm. I was so glad when Mrs. A booked a session with me for it had been a while since I had shot for her and Mr. D.. I was so thrilled to meet their precious baby girl, I can not share the story behind her but I will tell you this, what  special story it is behind this little Angel baby, one of the very few sessions were I have actually shed tears while shooting them and I was so teary eyed,, God is so good and Mrs. A I am praying everything goes wonderful with you guys. She is just so special and perfect and so precious and I could go on and on, I hope you like your pictures and thank you so much for trusting me to capture these SPECIAL moments for you and I can not wait to see you guys again in the very near future!! God bless you all 3.. :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

A very loved baby girl!!

This is such an honor to me to get to take this family's pictures because I actually took the mom and dad of this precious little girl wedding pictures several years ago. When I found out they were expecting I was so tickled for them and I knew the baby would be just as sweet as they are and turns out she sure is!! She is so perfect and every little way.. I enjoyed Your guys session Mrs. A. and can't wait to see you guys next year and see how much your baby girl has grown,, I hope you enjoy your peek of yalls session here on my blog and feel free to share on facebook, email, or however you like with family and friends,. Hope you guys are doing wonderful and thank you for trusting me to capture your precious daughter for you.:) God Bless you!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Two special friends that happen to be photographers!!

Hello Guys,, well anyone that knows me well, knows that I LOOOOOVE to see people do good and pursue their dreams,, I love to encourage and help as much as I can to people like these 2 ladies I am fixing to tell you about!! They both are starting their photography business and I would love for you go over and show them some love and support!! They both have worked so hard and honestly to get as far as they have come already,,and both are growing so much faster than I ever did at this photography stuff,,lol,,, Both these ladies have been on photography sessions with me and my oh my, their willingness to learn and just get better and better is just a sight for sore eyes!!! One is Heather Sharp Stockton you can find her  here and her photography too and the other is Ashley Garrett and you can find her photography here..I recommend both to you. I count them both to be good buddies and I am so excited for  them. How awesome it is to see kind, honest, selfless ladies succeeding at something they love,, I AM SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO,, and you two have heard it before from me, but really, if there is ever anything I can do to help you with ANYTHING,, you just holler at me and let me know and I want to help. We will have to get together over the winter and shoot some and Heather, I can not wait for our family life style session. I am so excited for you to capture my babies for me and me with them. I am TRULY blessed that our paths have crossed with both of you and look forward to a life long friendship of laughs and encouragement,, you ladies are GREAT!!! I wish you guys nothing but the best of everything and that GOD pours out HIS richest blessings on you guys!! Sorry for the poor pictures of yall facebook,, I am never on there and didn't know how else to get them, lol, but I wanted people to know who exactly I was talking about for sure and pictures always help ;) God BLess you Both!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A very Special lady!!

I first met Kellie with Kellie Carter Photography found here a little over a year ago when she photographed my last baby girl for her newborn photos(by the way Kellie is so very gifted and I highly recommend her). I feel we hit it up great instantly, she is so kind and warm ,very hard working and has a huge Real passion for what she does,easy to get to know and just all around a wonderful person. I recently met up with Kellie again for my baby girl's  1st birthday pictures in Kellie's wonderful studio in KY. Before baby Avie's session first, I had the honor of photographing her family, this was such a privilege for me cause you see ,photographers are normally rarely in front of camera let alone with all of our family and getting our memories captured cause we have such a heart for doing it for other people we tend to forget some what about ourselves,lol trust me I know,,hahahaha,, I truly enjoyed photographing Kellie and her family,But here is some shots from Kellie's session with her wonderful precious , precious family at her home (which made it even more special), oh and her and her husband are high school sweet heart that still got that wonderful LOVE for each other and it sure shows when they are together, I have truly been blessed that mine and her paths crossed,:)